Top BTC Casinos that accept players from USA

For years, you can play at the Bitcoin Casino. We have tested them all and have now selected the best and most reliable providers:

You should remember these abbreviations if you plan to deal more intensively with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin casinos. It may well be that this list is not complete, as the number of supported currencies is growing rapidly. But never exchange real money in currencies that don't seem serious to you!

The operating conditions for deposit bonus vouchers are 35 times the sum of deposit plus bonus, except it is stated differently.

But since then, the Bitcoin has returned to its old strength and exceeded all expectations. In early 2017, a bitcoin was worth between $800 and $1,000. In November 2017, the value rose to over 7,500 $-the highest ever recorded price.

Bitcoins can be electronically transferred using mobile applications and computers, similar to the digital transfer of money. And finally, individuals under the Bitcoin system can "dismantle" these coins. Coins can be earned by solving complicated mathematical puzzles. For each solved problem, a person is rewarded with a digital currency.

These Bitcoin Casino games with real dealers come from the market leader in this field: Evolution Gaming. With this you have not only the largest selection of different Live Dealer casino games in different variants, this provider also has qualitatively the best streams. In addition, there are the new games Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live and the dice game Sic Bo. Roulette and Blackjack players have the largest selection of different tables with different application limits anyway.

It is important that you pay attention to the exchange rate, of course. Due to the fact that the crypt market is extremely volatile, enormous fluctuations are always possible. So before you put roulette on a color or number, you should know how it's ordered to the value of the Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin payments really anonymous?

In principle, the payment method is based on the general anonymity on the Internet. This means that all transactions for individuals and companies are hardly to be completed. It will only be interesting if IP addresses and/or Bitcoin addresses (wallets) are known. Because then Bitcoins are very likely to be assigned to a person or to a company.

Some ask me for a Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus. Currently, no serious casino offers this explicitly for the crypocurrency. If you want to play for free, then I recommend you use the volcano vegas free play offer.

Bitcoins are given the "miner" by solving a complicated mathematical task via his computer. The Coins act as a reward. What were even simpler algorithms at the beginning of the currency became more and more complex over time. The effort to stoke bitcoins at the moment is immense and virtually no longer to be stemmed for Otto-Normalos. There are already huge mining farms in Russia and China.

What are the advantages of a Bitcoin Casino?

One of the most common ways to recharge your Bitcoin account is currently the Bitcoin Casino. For the rapid growth of online casinos using the Bitcoin currency to pay and play is becoming increasingly popular, a few advantages are: there are no charges. In contrast to banks and trading exchanges on the Internet, every transaction from and to the wallet account at the casinos is completely free of charge. And also the exchange rates are much more attractive than some often believe. Complete anonymity of the deposits is guaranteed. Especially in countries where gambling is still in a legal grey area, the use of bitcoins is particularly profitable. As an additional protection, your account is of course password-protected. Users and players remain 100% anonymously. A Bitcoin Casino does not require any personal or financial information from you, but we always recommend that you act or play with KYC safe platform. The cryptic currency is therefore ideal for all those who would like to keep your identity anonymously (except for KYC verifications). Also, you don't need to worry about the banks that might see how and where you spend their money. The casino carries the bulk of the transfer fees and there is no middleman in between. It is also called fair gambling, our recommended casinos are all tested and are considered the best bitcoin casinos online. Unfortunately, there are no blockchain based games (real fair-play casinos), which will automatically pay out etc. As soon as this becomes available in the US-speaking area, we inform our users.

Here, too, no names or personal data are transmitted, so you don't have to be afraid that something could be intercepted by the mobile phone. You can also use the bonus via the mobile casinos 'web apps, so you don' t have to miss anything on the go. Here you can find the best casino app to play.

In the meantime, the cryptocurrency is already accepted by many casinos and thousands of shops around the world.

In addition, there will never be more than 21 million bitcoins, which will secure the currency against inflation.

Tip: We recommend that you do not keep the bitcoins on the exchange board after purchase. If the stock exchange is hacked, the currency is futed. Therefore, a payout to your own Bitcoin account or Wallet. More information can be found on

Unlike with other currencies, there is no central bank that manages it, and there is no fixed exchange rate either. Bitcoin works exclusively through a peer-to-peer marketplace. Over the years Bitcoin has gained a great popularity and a reputation. Since 2014, thousands of online shops have opened up for Bitcoin and offer the currency as a payment option. In the course of this development, numerous online casinos now offer Bitcoin.

Bitcoin alternatives

In addition to Bitcoin, you will find further established payment methods in the offer. Especially in the new digital currencies, there is a lot of sensitivity to this. There are still many fraudsters on the internet who are trying to get you on their platforms. Therefore, it is important to see exactly when choosing the wallets. Bitcoin's price volatility is a double-edgling sword. You can make big gains, but you can also make heavy losses. Therefore, you should always have an alternative payment method in the back hand. I've tested the best Bitcoin alternatives for you, and you'll find the Prepare and Casino recommendations when you click on the logos.

You open your account in your Bitcoin Online Casino and then go to the button for deposits and withdrawals.

The HEX Guide page recommends a number of top casinos from USA to gambling players from USA. Here, you can also find the best Bitcoin playhouses for real money. So it's generally not hard to find yourself in the world of trusted casinos with Bitcoin. As Best Online Bitcoin Casino, Omni Slots, NetEnt, Nordcasino, ReelTastic, 1xbet Casino are rated as Best Online Bitcoin Casino. Omni slots is the best online casino for Bitcoin. Criteria according to which the best are to be determined are:

On the home page, click on "Create Account" or "Register Now" or similar

In addition to using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, "bitcoin casinos" often have additional properties or independent features compared to regular regular casinos. One of them is the possibility of absolute anonymity, which the players can enter.

We don't do it. At casinos, which accept the crypto-currency, in some cases it looks really evil, we cannot be allowed to do that to our readers.

In the meantime, many people also have the opportunity to deposit casinos online in Bitcoin. Maybe you also want to experience your first Bitcoin casino experience.